Third Squad, Part 1: Life in Sangin

July 2011 View All Stories

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Third Squad, Part 2: Danger and Death

July 2011

In the second segment of a three-part audio portrait series, four of Third Squad's Marines reflect on living with the constant threat of death and dismemberment.

Third Squad, Part 3: What We Know

July 2011

In the final segment of a three-part audio portrait series, three of Third Squad's Marines and their Navy Hospital Corpsman talk about what they've learned at war, and what they'll share with friends and family at home in the United States.

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James Donston

on March 29, 2012

Really impressive video, it kind of touched my heart. War is horrible, for all of us. I hope that all americans that are still in afghanistan, can visit their family soon. Love your website, you provide interesting information and do a good job.
Steuerberatung Köln

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