January 2011


Foot Patrol and the girl sinking; August 2010 started badly in Bamiyan. It was the first day of August, cloudy and hazy, me and a team of three American soldiers headed on foot patrol to OCC-P to go and check with them, as we were jumping to cross the river, we heard someone is screaming so loud-we turned around and saw a 15 year old girl in the water has just died. Her mother was trying to pull her out of the river, but could not, so we ran and got her out of the water. I dont know if she was still breating or no, one of the soldier tried to do a CPR, but the brother of the girl said no, because culturally it is not ok for a strange guy to go and blow in her mouth. The sad part is that if she was still a live, we couldv'e rescued her, but we regreted that we had no choice and we did not want to be in trouble. It was so tragic to see her die there.

Next couple of days, August 4th, I was eating supper, and it was raining, around 5:30 p.m my Boss(Bamyan PRT Commander), walked in the dinning room worried and sad, he pointed at me and said"you", come with me now, I for a second could not breath and was shocked, I thoguht I have done something terrible and that I'm in trouble. Unlike my feeling, I was wrong, it turned out to be an incident, a very tragic incident; Tim O daniel a Kiwi army officer was just killed by an IED IN North East of Bamiyan on a patrol mission out to a village. Two injured, and one killed.

We quickly conducted a meeting with the governor, Chief of polic, NDS, and OCC-P Commander at OCC-P to talk about other possible attacks. Bamiayn enjoyed and welcomed Kiwi soldiers since 2003 with peace and love, but August 4th took one of the New Zealand's officer who always enjoyed sharing his life with every Bamiyani who came along. I remember him once said he will go back to New Zealand and spend sometime with family and friends and then sign for another 6 months back for Afghanistan. He did not know what is going to happen, and neither any one else. He took all his hopes and burried them along with his soul.


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