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On Patrol in Marjah: With Lima Company

July 2010

Marjah is criss-crossed with irrigation canals fed by the Helmand River. As part of the counterinsurgency strategy, Marines there occupy small bases in the midst of farming communities and go on daily patrols to engage the Taliban.

On Patrol in Marjah: Watchers

July 2010

While patrolling the footpaths of Marjah, a platoon from Lima Company of the 3/6 Marines looks out for Taliban spotters on motorcycles and suspects they may be phoning information to a local elder even while the Marines are visiting his compound.

Our Deepest Sympathies

July 2010

When a young girl severely wounded by an IED is brought to the gate of their compound, the Navy Hospital Corpsmen of Lima Company of the 3/6 Marines struggle to keep her alive until a helicopter can come to medevac her out.

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