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Elliott’s reporting covers just two years of a ten-year war. Explore the related articles below—all taken from the pages of the Virginia Quarterly Review—to learn more about America’s longest war.

Background articlesOn-the-ground reporting and current analysis

The Road to September 11

Spring 2002 Article by Jack R. Fischel

Historians looking back at the tragic events of September 11 will discover the roots of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon originating in three episodes that occurred in 1979.Read More

Revisiting Afghanistan: A Conversation with Najibullah

Article by Alan Brody

Those of us serving with the United Nations in Afghanistan first heard the word “Taliban” around the middle of 1994. The group, headed by a shadowy, one-eyed “Mullah Umar,” appeared mysteriously on the scene in Kandahar, southeast Afghanistan’s major town.Read More

Curfew: Afghanistan, 2002

Spring 2004 Article by J. Malcolm Garcia

Democracy Is Not a Postcard

Winter 2008 Article by Nicholas Schmidle

All the Country Will Be Shaking

Winter 2008 Article by J. Malcolm Garcia

That Is All of Me

Article by J. Malcolm Garcia

The Bombing at Bala Baluk

Spring 2010 Article by Jason Motlagh

Total War

Spring 2010 Article by Louie Palu

Most Dangerous, Most Unmerciful

Spring 2010 Article by J. Malcolm Garcia

The Talking Season

Spring 2010 Article by Neil Shea

Korengal: Khe Sanh in Reverse?

April 16, 2010 Article by David J. Morris

The Stringer and the Snake-eater

June 23, 2010 Article by David J. Morris